Book Review – The Foundation by Steve Vincent

The Foundation Cover
The Foundation Cover

A shadowy organisation conspiring to undermine democracy in the United States, willing to start a war to get what it wants. A gutsy journalist determined to keep digging until he finds the story. There are so many reasons The Foundation by Steve Vincent just works.

It’s written at a cracking pace that keeps you turning pages into the wee hours. It has a relatable hero, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jack Emery, whose dedication and courage are balanced by frailties and damage. Not to mention the liberal peppering of gunplay and vivid explosions. In short, everything you want from an action-packed thriller.

But so much more.

“the forces of China and the United States poised to unleash havoc over the island nation of Taiwan”

The Foundation is a story of complex layers, with conflict played out on many levels — between individuals, in corporate boardrooms, between nations in the theatre of war. Then there are subtler battles, like the clash of ideologies driving the story forward as The Foundation pursues its agenda to re-make America. Or the inner struggle Jack faces when alcoholism threatens to derail his sense of purpose.

The Foundation is also a study of power. Of course there is military might, with the forces of China and the United States poised to unleash havoc over the island nation of Taiwan. But there is also the power of the media to sculpt public opinion and influence elections. And the power of individuals to shape events, setting actions in motion from half a world away that could re-draw the globe as we know it.

Finally, it is an examination of character. What makes one person stand fast while another crumbles? One person give in to blackmail while another faces the music? What will we give up to hold on to what is ours? Who will we betray when our loved ones are threatened?

The Foundation is a stunning debut from the next great Australian action writer. If you like a ripping yarn with international scope and plenty of political intrigue, give The Foundation a try. You won’t be disappointed.